Thursday, April 30, 2009

Are WE Creating a Super Flu?

For those of you that follow my other blog(s) you know I got the flu. Probably, my nurse sister thinks, not the Swine flu but there is another flu virus out there making the rounds that is not covered by the flu vaccine manufactured for this flu season which came late. And if remarks on Twitter are any indication it reached epidemic proportions before Swine flu did.

As I blogged and commented in various platforms that I had the flu I was constantly told I should have gotten the flu shots. I had a flu shot once and it almost killed me as it is cultured in eggs and intensifies the sulfur of the egg yokes. I am allergic to that. I have always had doubts about the vaccine process. Probably because in my life it is not just the flu vaccines I have reactions to but the oral polio vaccine, the smallpox vaccine, the original shots for polio, and a couple others. To take me for vaccinations as a child was to figure out what days of school I could most miss - like up to a week.

But I also think it is not nice to fool Mother Nature. She will find a way around every barrier we put in her way. And are we not weakening our basic natural resistance processes by developing dependence upon manufactured ones? There is a school of thinking that says we have more cases of asthma these days because we live in more "antiseptic environments." Kids that have pets and crawl on the dirty floor may in fact have better immune systems.

The Internet is awash with conspiracy theories on this latest "pandemic." Thoughts range from it is all hype to get us to buy more pharmaceuticals to it is a government manufactured "Captain Tripps" from Stephen King's The Stand. I take a bit of a survivalist middle stance here. I think we have unwittingly created bigger and badder strains of virus by limiting its hosts through vaccinations. Viruses are highly successful and very resistant and highly mutable. Flu comes up with a limitation as to hosts it can jump to because of a vaccine and it merely mutates or takes another route.

The viral infections we are seeing today (like the killer drug-resistant bacterial infections) are the survivers of the fittest. We have nurtured them in our hospitals and laboratories and trained them to be better and better and harder and harder to stop. It is the biological weapons war and I don't think we are the winners here. Every year we get closer and closer to that super flu that will drastically reduce the population of the earth and I think it is entirely our fault - deliberate or not.

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  1. Get well fast none of the "flus" are anything to mess around with. Is there anything I can do? Send a card, or a care package?


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