Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fenomenal Foto Friday

I was looking at photographs of arches today for a picture idea for one of my large canvases. I ended up using Teardrop Arch in Monument Valley (featured on Creative Journey) but I did not personally take that photo. But while looking through my photographs of the Colorado Plateau I found this picture taken on Queen's Garden trail at Bryce National Park.

I took this on my sister's and my first roadtrip to Utah. We had walked down Queen's Garden trail and had fully intended to go back up it. But at the bottom there was an option for Navajo Trail. Should you ever go to Bryce National Park let me inform you the way to do this hike is DOWN Navajo and UP Queen's Garden. Leave your car at the visitor center and take the bus that stops at all the overlooks that way you don't have to remember at what trail head you parked it. A real plus when every single muscle in your body is crying for the sleeping bag.

Bryce landscape can be a bit overwhelming to photograph. This one had some depth because of shadows. I took this with my Nikon film camera and 70 to 200 mm lens in the days before I owned a digital. I would send my film off daily and request thumbnails and CD as well as negatives. They were all waiting for me when I got back from the trip. No worries about overheated film in the car.

Oh, and Deb and I decided the National Park service needed to make some changes in its trail signage. They list mileage, vertical drop and degree of difficulty and an approximate time for completion. We think they ought to give a couple hints about memory card size and frames of film and a factor by which you can increase the time.

Fenomenal Foto Friday is a feature of Frani's Blog on Y!360 but this week Yahoo would not let me post that blog. Well, they let me three times but it vanishes and cannot be seen so I am posting it here instead.


  1. .. I so want to visit this part of the world for real .. maybe for my 50 birthday...the scenery, as your photo shows is amazing.. but I'll be sure to bring lots of photo card memory.

  2. Such an amazing fairy-tale land full of enchanted people just waiting to be freed!

    Hmmmm, sure hope a painting results from
    this one.


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