Friday, April 17, 2009

The Noble Clothespin!

The hardest part of going green with my new clothesline was the clothespin. Seems there is not a single product, even the lowly clothespin, that China cannot make worse. So what I thought was going to be a simple local store purchase because an extensive hunt. I want clothespins like Momma used to have.

You know the ones that your little fingers could barely squeeze open and when applied to the skin of your sibling caused pain.

I wanted them to hold the clothes on the line in valley winds. Seemed simple but NOT. Finally found some largish plastic ones at Wal-Mart that are labeled heavy duty. They will do for the moment, but I am still in search of the ultimate clothespin.

So yesterday with the expected snow storm delayed and the new clothespins in hand I emptied my travel bag and did my laundry. My sister and I had been "mudding" in her Jeep and I had all those clothes to wash. So what might have been a three dryer load day wasn't. My clothesline and the clothespins held them all. And everything smelled so fresh and nice.

How wonderful to have this great "green" experience on the Eve of Earth Day! I did something great for me, my utility bills and the earth with just a simple clothespin!


  1. We call them clothes pegs... and can get those wooden ones very easily!! and a whole multitude of platic ones.. that actually do work better in strong winds.... but dont look as good.

    Looking forward to seeing your first line of washing...

  2. Many of us in the Netherlands don't use clothes driers, but rather tumblers to get out the last recesses of water before hanging clothes to dry. If you live in countries that many in Europe that are often more wet than dry, you can use inside lines that can either be mounted to walls or stay portable, both folding up fan like just as easily when not in use. Good luck with your 'green day' thoughts. All are great!


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