Monday, April 6, 2009

Quake Hits l'Aguila, Italy

A very strong (5.6 to 6.7 depending upon who you believe) earthquake hit a large section of central Italy following a series of smaller quakes on Sunday and Monday. Every news article reports an increasing number of dead and vague promises of those still buried under rubble. Centuries old Tuscan and Renaissance churches have been destroyed.

Horrible but it is news I can grasp, understand, get my mind around. Despite all my reading on the economy and watching all the Sunday talk shows with debates between Republicans and Democrats and economists of conflicting mind sets I cannot grasp a lot of what is currently going on in the world even if it directly effects me. But I get earthquakes.

I was taken to an earthquake park outside Anchorage, Alaska once and saw where the earth fell - down or in - what is the correct word here. And I have driven along highways that crisscrossed the San Andres fault in California and saw a huge reservoir that vanished overnight because the earth cracked. I live not far from one of the world's biggest rifts. Across the road from me as the cone of a volcano. I understand the earth moving.

I don't understand what humans did to cause this economic crisis and why we think they know how to fix it. Somethings like in l'Aguila, Italy you don't fix. You just clean it up after you dig the dead and dying out of the rubble. Why are we not just cleaning up after this tsunami of a global economic crisis.

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  1. I think we will. Regulate the deregulaters. William Blakes poem on the tiger described the effects of the industrial revolution. Today Wall Street.


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