Sunday, July 12, 2009

Among the Missing

Since Wednesday my life has not been about blogging. It has been about getting ready for the big summer fair. It is not a huge fair but my involvement is huge in that I not only am exhibiting but I am on the board of the Arts Council that hosts this fair and I have been a volunteer bee as well. That means I am out of the house early and return late and like last night was too exhausted to even turn on the computer.

Meanwhile Y!360 is closing. Today being its last day. I had supposed when they first announced this I would be busy making sure of connections to all my friends on that failing blog platform. But alas I have been too busy with the "real word" to even check in on page comments there. When I did so today I noticed some Asian chick was still trying to sell me cellphones. I think I have mentioned how much made in China stuff I no longer buy on Travels with Charley so I don't think I will miss this aspect of the old blog home.

Many of my friends are already on Blogger or Profiles or Facebook and so I no longer dread the losing of people that matter. We have already connected. And my two years of blogs are on Profiles. So tomorrow when there is no longer any 360 it will almost be a relief: One less blog platform to keep abreast of. I can take it off my toolbar and out of bookmarks and off plug-ins on my IM window. And as a person that moved much I know once you leave the old neighborhood for the last time you truly start to settle in to the new one.

Only the whole long process of this last move has made me a bit of a ether nomad. I have multiple homes now (none of which are Multiply) and I enjoy each for what they offer that is unique. And that said I wave a fond farewell to 360. It will forever have a place in my heart as my first blog ever.

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  1. yes, god bless 360. but i am also feeling more positive about the other internet sites i am on. i have some intersting people follwoing me here and am confident i can track down 36o mates on profiles.

    good luck with the art fair


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