Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fortune Telling

Northern New Mexico where I reside can be rather airy-fairy. Taos, just over the mountain, seems to be home of any number of crystal healers, card readers, tarot casters, etc. But my more grounded side has its forecasters of the future too.

The weather prognosticators are rampant in the summer. Everyone has their opinion about whether we are facing a bad winter or not. The height of the grasses seem not to point to this wet summer but to a wetter winter. Indian tobacco on the other hand seems rather short which means not much snow. But then on a more technically developed level there are the talking heads on the weather channel. Seems we are in an El Nino year. Should mean more snow but it also means warmer so it could be just more rain. But we are on the line between wetter and drier so back to the grasses and the Indian tobacco plants.

My sister and I saw several flocks of turkeys with pullets in vast numbers so it should be a great turkey hunt this fall (well, if we don't have early snow). And the elk herd we saw certainly looked very healthy so good for that season too (add in here again statement about early snow). And when I posted the pictures of the elk herd on another blog of mine a friend told me by Celtic legend it portended a lucky year ahead. For me that means lessor snow to shovel.

I am not against future casting or fortune telling. I do have a deck of Zen tarot cards and the regular ones too. And I think it is very lucky to have seen the elk. And the double rainbow that seemed to end in my yard on one side I consider a good sign that luck is on my side. I can use luck or good fortune or positive signs. The year of 2008 was not a good one. And the negativity lasted through the first quarter of this one. I am going to start my lucky year in June. That was when I won the best of show prize.

But I don't know if my horoscope and I are on the same wave length. It keeps telling me about the love of my life appearing. Frankly another relationship sounds like bad luck to me.


  1. I think weathermen should be called 'non seers: as they always seem to get it wrong. I can look out of the window and tell you what's on the way!

    Depends where the 'horrorscope' is coming from but never day never!

  2. I don't mind getting the odd tarot reading. I haven't had one in ages though. I have gotten into the habit of forbidding tarot readers to tell me about my love life. I am sick and tired of them telling me the love of my life will appear when he never does!

  3. I think an intelligent person can use Tarot as a means of self-analysis and for reflection. And I mean it in the sense of looking at cards that are dealt out at random and using free association to explore one's feelings and emotions.
    This happens independently of a reader and the onus is on the self to interpret what is laid out and force suppressed thoughts and feelings out into the open.


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