Sunday, July 19, 2009

Prairie Dogs are not Cute

This is a plague year: Bubonic Plague. Like in in Europe in the Dark Ages. Only here in the Southwestern mountain states it is the rodent above that carries the fleas that carry the plague. Some of the numerous Blacktail Prairie Dogs have developed an immunity to the bite of the fleas that plague them and as such merely become moving homes for the fleas.

There is a huge new Prairie Dog town in the property behind me where the trotters are and on the land up the hill which grazes cattle. They have never been in either of these places before. Their first toehold in the community was the golf course. Oh, what they can do to a golf course! The tourists think they are cute and so control of these rodents has been prevented by bleeding hearts. Well, they are not on their land. Their holes are not tripping livestock and breaking their legs. Their dogs and cats are not trying to catch them and only getting the fleas.

I blame the adoration of rodents on the cartoon Tom and Jerry. Notice the cat was the villain there? And then there is Mickey Mouse. Sylvester the puddy tat was a villain in the Tweety shorts too.

Anyway this is my home. And if I want to poison rodents that get on my land I will.

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  1. Prairie dogs take to the hills! Oh... they already have it seems (the hills, that is, behind your property). Them's fighting words!


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