Thursday, July 23, 2009

Truly off on the Side Tracks

Definitely on a Rocky Mountain High yesterday off-roading with my sister. Because of the rains the night before the clouds filled the valleys as we traveled up the mountains to stand above the clouds.

Then gaze down into the rain-drenched green valleys as the clouds rose into the morning sky revealing the Brigadoons below.

And everywhere around us were the wildflowers sparkling with the droplets of rain and dew and a glow with the morning sun.

Bluebells in great number

Sunflowers drying off in the sun

Colorado Columbine shy in the shade

As Yet Unidentified flower and many more

But the true fun of the adventure were the puddles.

Don't you just love it?!!

1 comment:

  1. Today I really envy you! Beautiful nature, fabulous scenery, fantastic views and off-roading to heart's content! How exciting.

    The blue bells remind me of my childhood - picking blue bells in the woods - rarely seen today. Another disadvantage of progress.


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