Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Get in Shape Status Report

This might be one of those blogs where the picture has nothing to do with the content. But if you can get past the rippled abs you will see that he is holding two kettle balls. "And what pray tell what are kettle balls?" I asked last week. Just the newest in workout crazes. And it is not just for men as reported by Women's Health Magazine. It seems to go hand in hand with this new sprint training concept.

Okay, so maybe I am sitting at the computer Googling and reading too much but I have begun to employ the sprint training concept in my aqua workout at the gym. And yesterday I bought my first kettle ball. The good news is this is not about exercising more but differently. In fact the ideal exercise program should be three times a week and for 45 to 50 minutes. My workout buddy and I are doing that at the pool. And I plan to throw in a couple short "strength" workouts at home with the kettle ball and some of my other collected gym toys.

I have now lost 7 pounds which means I am on track to meet my first goal at Thanksgiving. I have also dropped a size. And the really good news is I am beginning to believe this get in shape plan is doable. I am craving the exercise these days and not avoiding it. The separation diet makes me feel better - not as bloated as I had felt since recovering from the flu Spring 2009.

Yes, I would like to not be embarrassed when I walk into the gym or an art reception feeling like a blimp. But my real goal is health. I don't want to be on all the drugs many of my friends take to keep all those "health" numbers down. And btw some of the medical opinions on those numbers are changing. My ex-husband, who died this summer, is proof positive that popping pills for health issues is not healthy.


  1. I love this update. I am envious of you losing 7lbs and a dress size! Are you off carbs?

  2. Not off carbs but doing a separation diet that keeps proteins and starches apart. Then there are neutral foods like the majority of your greens that can go with either starches or proteins. So I could have a baked potato as a meal with a salad but not with a steak.

    For dinner today I had grilled Ahi with a grilled onion. It was delicious. Diet begun by a doctor to promote colon health primarily. It almost immediately got rid of that bloated feeling I have had since the flu.

  3. This looks like something I really should go into. I have bouts of IBS which we all know stem from stress so I tend not to take it very seriously. I should because my father had colon cancer.


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