Monday, November 8, 2010


Six Cactus Blossom Panels
I got my desktop computer back from the computer doc on last Wednesday and discovered that he was right - it runs a lot better. However, it is empty. Absolutely no data which he promised to save and reload. Nice document tree with all the familiar names of my three years of file building but just folders and no files. He told me that he keeps a copy of the downloaded documents on his back up hard drive but the he is out of town and cannot tell me if my files are hiding safely there or not.

Quite frankly I am rather amazed at the emotional roller coaster that has caused. Even in the best of circumstances I have had to do without my computer, which formerly had all my art photos on it, for three weeks instead of the one I thought. That my external hard drive failed at the same time seems to be a punishment for backing up as recommended. I have spent too much time looking for hard copies and combing through my FlickR files looking for my portfolio, inventory, and title cards. I finally decided to wait until after he gets back on Wednesday before I rebuild my website, rephotograph all my paintings, copy and paste all poetry posted on blogs, and see if there are other locations for all my legal files on the studio.

I am suppose to be painting for the show which is in just a bit over two weeks. Painting is difficult to do when stressed and let's admit I am mega stressed. So on Saturday I said the hell with it and ran to Santa Fe with a friend and at last bought the LCD flat screen of my dreams. Oh, and the DVD blu ray player that will allow me to stream videos from the internet. I have been watching DVD's but I have yet to muddle through the manual to the streaming video set up beyond finding out there are two ways to do this.

Also have been working on the winter emergency box (so has my sister). It BTW is still in my living room next to the old TV I barely managed to get off the stand so the new one could be installed. Snow is not in the forecast until Thursday. I need to unload the last of the bird seed I bought out of the back first. Before the snow comes not only the emergency box will be in the van but the TV so I can take it to Angel's Attic. It works well.

I am continuing to exercise and that does help relieve the stress created by lost files, lost sister, not lost others, and the rather typical fall schedule I always seem to be unprepared for. Speaking of unprepared: I hate DST. Especially its fall manifestation. You cannot easily reset internal clocks, especially those of fur kids. Ergo I have been up at 3 or 3:30 blogging and playing on line scrabble. Why can't we just pick a time scheme and stick with it?

Oh, so glad I got the TV instead of the new laptop computer (I am rather pissed at computers). Things have got to get out of the LR so I can get more into the kettle ball exercises, and I need to stop eating to cure my stress and get back to the diet. My sister got her emergency spot that sends me and others her GPS coordinates if again stranded in the out back. Progress has been made. Now back to scrabble or a DVD.

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  1. Am too late to comment on this as I know the outcome but I just wanted you to know that I did read it. emotional - computer problems and loss of data is one of the most distressing things that can happen. I'm sure that these days that comes in the top five stress related problems.


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