Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day Photography

Christmas Morning Elk
Every photographer knows what a gift it is to have a close friend, or in my case a sister, to go a photographing with. People that have not looked at the world through a view finder don't understand when we yell, "Stop. Pull over. No, back there." And other assorted exclamations of excitement. Nor do they see the necessity in going out at the crack of dawn in sub zero weather (-12 F on Christmas Day) to seek the elusive elk.

This year's Calf

Studying the Dawn
Or to catch that early morning light on the surrounding mountains and hills. Most people miss this entirely.

Dawn on Cat Scratch Mountain

Dawn on Wheeler Peak
My sister and I returned after the morning expedition to a Christmas Morning breakfast of eggs Benedict on homemade English Muffin bread. And then it was out for the afternoon off-road tradition begun last year. So Nikon and Cannon in hand and fur kids in back we set off to find unexplored territory and went through Cimarron Canyon and up Ponil Creek to a wildlife management area. Morning was elk and afternoon was turkeys.

The Girls

The Boys

Hopping the Creek
Lots of great pictures and lots of new memories. No doubt regular readers of this blog and Creative Journey will see more photographs from Christmas Day.

Debbie and I had our Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve: Ribeye roast with English horseradish sauce, sauteed golden cauliflower with garlic, and French Silk Pie for dessert. We had plenty of leftovers for Christmas day. Giving us ample time to download and cull through our digital captures. Important things.


  1. I am glad you got out of bed early for that! What a wonderful tour. Especially that early rosy light, and loved the turkeys. Grand merci!

  2. Glad you enjoyed the photographic tour. I enjoy seeing rare sights and sharing them with people that do not have my advantage of a sister with a Jeep.

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