Monday, December 5, 2011

TW3 - Winter Arrived

December snow by J. Binford-Bell

Winter arrived this week. All my bargaining did not work. Still with a forecast by NOAA of three massive storms we only got the second. And currently the third has been downgraded from 16" to as little as 8" additional. But it looks as if we are not going to escape the bitter cold. It is 6 F this morning as I write this and destined to only get to 10 F today. Plunging to -13 tonight. The good news is there is currently not a breath of wind. But it seemed like a good time to start a morning fire in the wood stove.

The first blast of winter weather always seems so rude. Yes, it is bound to come. And yes, we need the moisture. But I really would rather do it without gale force winds and sub zero temps. But I can deal with both easier than summers in the triple digits. I can always put on more clothing but there is just so much I am willing to take off in public. And New Mexico, is by in large, just pretend winter. It comes and goes. I found out what real winter was one year in Vail, Colorado. Thank you but no. Here, come Wednesday, we are back to sunshine and temps over freezing. December is the cruelest month here.

Good time to stay inside and paint in my studio. Or finally get around to updating my website. I need to add photography to that. Being snowed in is good muse time. Though yesterday during a break between storms I shoveled the driveway under blue skies and then tested out the snow tires on the new to me vehicle. The sun was melting off the 10 inches from the day before storm. Long range forecasts say it will be a dry and warm winter. This current week is just a fluke.

And I like the sound of a crackling fire in the morning. It goes so well with a hot cup of coffee.

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