Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Morning

That time of year again. How quickly it seems to come around these days.

I love decorating trees. Love the smell of them (the fresh ones). It looked like I might not get my tree this year. For the longest time only one place in Angel Fire had trees for sale and they looked dyed and plastic, definitely were not freshly cut, and had no place to place decorations the branches were so jammed together. I considered a fake tree. Even went internet shopping for one.

Disenchanted with that possibility I thought of any variety of ways to make a tree substitute. I had done one in college which was stacked tumbleweeds sprayed white and adorned with Christmas lights which my room mate and I swore blinked to Tchaikowsky's 5th symphony. I have used potted Norfolk pines also. And for several years when space was limited due to mask making for Mardi Gras just hung ornaments from the ceiling. I was dreaming up a mobile tree to hang from the studio rafters when I returned to my search for the real thing.

And I got it. A fresh cut New Mexico pine that just smells like the great outdoors. Nice when you are closed off against the weather in a heated house. No doubt why the Norse began the tradition. Course they had their livestock also in the house and I just have the fur kids.

I do make some of my own decorations and every year I have tried to buy a new one or two or three. As a result I have a wide range of options for adornment and can rather pick and choose. I do like the flowers and bows I did last year. They add a Victorian Flair. As do some of the tin ones I have picked up.

One of my hand painted ornaments in behind this reindeer I got last year. And one of my collection of moose. Stay tuned to this blog for more featured ornaments in the weeks before retirement to the boxes again.

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  1. It looks beautiful. Artists seem to have this ability to place things just so, to create a harmonious whole.


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