Monday, December 19, 2011

Next to Last Monday of the Year

I find it hard to believe the year is almost over. Been a relative good year. Especially in relationship to 2010. I suppose I should be thinking about a year in review blog but my focus at the moment is on the gathering storm.

Storm reports are fodder for us locals. We all have our opinions. The tourist center and the ski resort are currently picking up on the weather report with the greatest snow depth forecast - 12 inches. But then this storm was suppose to actively begin at midnight and when I looked out the window at 5 a.m. there was not a flake. As I write this (9 a.m.) there is only two to three inches. I think I am being really generous with the three. But the ravens are celebrating over the trees. They generally go into this party dance when they know they might have to roost for a while.

We all have our little signs we look for to bolster our opinion. I think maybe only about 6 to 8 inches at my house. It is wise to remember I live in the mountains. And weather and snow depth can vary drastically depending on which side of the hill you live. Velarde on the dry side of the mountain does not have snow yet. And Raton, out toward the Texas boarder is having a full out blizzard.

When potential tourists ask how much snow we are going to have at Christmas (frequently asked in July) it is difficult to keep a straight face. It is difficult to know how much snow we will get today let alone six days from now. Wiser people than me will have to come up with predictions 6 months ahead.

I do know it is suppose to be warmer and drier this year. And storms thus far have largely skirted to the south of us. That area of the state has been so very dry I do not begrudge them a single flake. Same with the east side. So while we welcome the snow pack to aid in reducing summer forest fires I won't do a snow dance to get it here instead of the Sandia's or Zuni's.

Wiser gods are in control of the weather and they do not ask my permission. May we all get what we need even if it isn't necessarily what we want.

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