Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dodged that Bullet

Some days it just seems like everyone is out to get you

If you have never done a complete recovery on your computer let me mention right up front you do not want to. I have done one before. One I argued with the computer technical assistance about the need to even do. And in the end it did not need to be done then, but it was. It takes hours to do and then you have to reinstall all your programs and all your backups and remember all your passwords. Luckily it did not have to be done this time. And I dodged the bullet.

As I waited for the recovery discs HP support was sending I was quaking in my boots. I was even ready to come out fighting to avoid the dreaded recovery. And it was a near miss. I read the directions carefully twice, inserted disc one of the set they sent and followed the directions to step 5. The computer refused to comply with its own suicide and did not go to step 6. I called the upper level tech support number HP gave me when I asked for a conversation about my computer in an effort to gain a stay of execution.

First level of tech support
The wizard I was lucky enough to get connected to asked me to remove the poisoned disk and insert the supplemental one instead. Then he asked for permission to do open heart surgery from afar and I agreed. I almost swooned when he said he did not believe a recovery was necessary and he had found the "missing" diagnostics and all seemed to be fine with my computer itself. He would fix it. And 2 1/2 hours of tinkering he had. Leaving me to wonder why the first tech was so intent on execution.

Do not go gently
My appeals technician even found the "missing" diagnostic files. And while he did not reveal what had gone wrong beyond saying that the programs were stacked wrong for some reason, he is monitoring the performance of my computer for 48 hours to be sure the problem is solved. He has also created a mirror "drive" to assure that all my programs and files are there should my computer corrupt files again.

Once I get the all clear I will upgrade Corel Paintshop pro to 5x. And I will install the wireless wide format HP photo printer I bought in Albuquerque and resume a normal life grateful I have dodged a bullet.

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