Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Still Ticking

The once new year of 2012 seems to be moving to a rapid conclusion. Well, unless the Mayans (or our translations of the Mayans) are right in which case it will end before it ends on December 21st. There are times I think that would not be such a bad thing but then I do not fear the end of days.

It is the steady plodding forward that sometimes seems the most disconcerting. That an our propensity to make the passage of time into milestones. I just returned from my first ever class reunion. We were marking the 49th since graduation. I don't think we looked much worse for wear.

A small sampling of the best and brightest

And the day after the September 8th reunion I realized it was 27 years of sobriety, two years since my ex-husband died because he would not get sober, and ten years since 9/11 was today. They do seem to be making people better these days, even if China is turning out inferior merchandise. I was more surprised at the reunion at those that did not make it to this date than those that did. And we look so much better than our parents did at the same age. We are definitely not our mothers.

In the last couple of weeks before the reunion one of our former BMOC types remarked that high school was the best years of his life. How very sad. For me life just kept getting better and better. Not that you can measure that in income or property owned or milestones reached. But my enjoyment of life just gets more complete as time marches on.

I treasure sun rises, and rainbows and flowers. I do not just stop and smell the roses (or hollyhocks) but photograph them too. You really don't want to miss anything. Who knows. This could be our only pass.

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  1. Wonderful sentiment. I think we grow wiser as we age, let's hope so anyway.


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