Friday, September 14, 2012

Oh, So Fed Up With Fedex

Where Fedex seems to think I live

I was standing outside with some visitors to my studio yesterday afternoon at 2:00 when I watched the Fedex truck first go one way on down State Hwy 434 and then a few minutes later the other way. Yes, I can see the main highway from my house. And traffic on the road can see me. I have been known to wave at passerbys. I do not live in a cliff dwelling in the wilderness.

The urgent package from HP,that I had paid to be delivered on second day, (mind you not next day because I know better) was not delivered. Why am I not surprised? Had it been UPS it would have been here. I groan when service or order departments tell me it is coming Fedex. I beg for alternatives. I have been known to whine when the product like a fix for my computer is sorely needed.

So last night after my visitors from Florida (who found the studio) left I got on the internet on my laptop and tracked the Fedex package. It is in Eagle Nest. Why Eagle Nest? There is no Fedex facility in Eagle Nest? It was not dropped at the Visitor's Center or the Chamber of Commerce in Angel Fire which they sometimes do without notifying you. Nor did Fedex call me. My telephone number is included in the shipping information. I have always assumed it is to get a hold of you if they cannot find your aerie.

What I think the Fedex delivery service looks like

Supposedly it is going to be delivered today. But if they could not deliver it yesterday why do I think today will be any different. I don't. And I have to leave here today about the time they usually deliver if they deliver. BTW they drop packages off at my next door neighbor's house all the time.

So yesterday, realizing my connection to the world depends on a 6 year old laptop for the foreseeable future, I got down to cleaning up its files and hard drive and deleting programs long ago no longer used. And low and behold I found a disc D: that contains the recovery info that is being sent to me via Fedex for the desk top. Hmmm? So I risked another boot up of the fatally ill desktop and low and behold the same thing exists on it.

So why am I paying Fedex special fees to not deliver something already on my computer? And more important why did the HP technician ask me if HP had sent me a recovery DISC with my computer? Course if my hard drive is in free fall it might not be accessible but then again the disc being sent via Fedex is also in free fall.

BTW I ordered Swanson vitamins on Monday and they arrived UPS yesterday by standard delivery. Don't you love it?

What I think the Eagle Nest Fedex center looks like

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  1. Sorry about the frustration, loved the illustrations.


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