Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fall in the air

Looking forward to fall

A visitor to my studio asked me yesterday asked me if I had taken any pictures of aspens that I had for sale. No photographer in New Mexico doesn't take pictures of aspens. But they are so glorious in and of themselves they cease to be unique. I am constantly looking for some new approach to recording their beauty. But it isn't something you get to practice daily. In fact since the weather influences their glory some years you do not get a fair chance at them at all.

Last year was very dry and that hurts. Or the rain comes at the wrong time and scatters them upon the ground to quickly. Or we get a bout of bad weather that does not show that wonderful contrast of yellow and blue sky. I did better last year with cottonwoods.

Down on the Rio

And maybe that is because I was on vacation when the cottonwoods on the rivers were in their glory. Time is also a major factor.

Fall Reflections

And if you live in the mountains fall is a really busy time. All those things not done during the summer have to be completed before winter settles in. So maybe it is easier to rave about our aspens when you do not live here. It takes time to stalk them because they do not all go gold at the same time. It is a process based on the temperature of their roots, the chill in the air, and the weather and how exposed to it they are.

But there is no denying that soon the aspens will turn for better or worst and I will either be able to capture a great picture or not. But I will have my camera.


  1. Seeing the aspen at their peak on the East flank of the Rockies is one of the items on my bucket list. Alberta will do, :). Good luck catching them and I look forward to seeing the results.


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