Friday, September 28, 2012

Narrow Gauge and round ups

Cumbres and Toltec Steam Engine

The good old days are not that long ago in parts of the highlands of New Mexico. We still play around with narrow gauge steam engines and still herd cattle on horseback. Though in all honesty there was someone on and ATV just off the frame. All the drovers still knew what to yell. No doubt passed on by those before them as what gets cattle moving toward the cattle trailer.

Round up - time to leave the high country

Still when you are driving through the wide empty spaces at what seems the top of the world it is nice to pretend you are not in a fancy SUV, and shooting a state of the art digital camera.

Rusting Away
And you have to ask if the pick up will last as long as the train and even the old car. And other stuff around the rail yard. Or that you job will still be here like the drovers' is way down the trail.

Snow plow car


Maybe things would be better for the earth if we had stuck with horses and trains and rounding up cattle instead of using Round Up on our weeds.


  1. Yes maybe things would have been better. Fabulous photos. Remind me of movies set in earlier times than now.

  2. Quote from Dmitri Orlov: "It appears that cars are mankind's second worst invention, after nuclear fission. To drive a car is to acquiesce in the suicidal stupidity of our species."


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