Friday, April 12, 2013

Snow Mold

Spring Snow by J. Binford-Bell

I wasted another day on the computer yesterday watching NetFlix stream videos and playing Spider Solitaire. A friend, who does not live here, suggested it could be Spring Fever. No, I told her, it is snow mold.

I learned about snow mold when I was on the golf course maintenance staff. I mowed fairways and greens. I love big machines. But I digress. We were discussing snow mold. Snow mold is something which grows on greens under the snow in the winter. It can kill off a green. Every fall when the course was preparing for closure various methods to prevent it were tried including covering the greens with canvas, spraying with newest anti-fungal preparations, paying someone to shovel off the greens periodically through the winter, etc.

Or there is just replacing the green come spring. Long winters were of course the worst on grass roots. And even if the roots were not destroyed by the mold it just took a long time for the green to recover. There was this race to rush recovery for the first golfers and tournaments and sunny, warm days were essential.

So I have snow mold. My roots are sick. And there is no sunny, warm days to dry out the mold. Yesterday was sunny but with icy winds that lowered the wind chill almost back to sub freezing. And today there is more chance of snow. I just want to go and take a hot bath and crawl back under the covers and rot. Mud and flood season is definitely to be preferred over breeze and freeze any day.

I am ending this diatribe. I am clearly in a moldy mood.

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  1. Spring will come, eventually. And when it does it will be glorious.


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