Sunday, April 7, 2013

Watery Reflections

Ducks on the pond

The ice has melted off the ponds and streams and the ducks and geese have returned. As a photographer I am thrilled. I love reflections in the still water of a mountain body of water.

Hanging gardens

My dogs, both of a retriever subset, have yet to meet a body of water they did not like even if it is just a shade over freezing. I was going to wash the dog rug in the back seat of my car but think I will wait just a bit. I delude myself into thinking they will get tired of this.

Magique in her element

As fond as they are of wading in water both shun swimming in it and do not chase waterfowl. Which is a major relief for the geese and ducks and for their photographer owner.

Following her across the pond

A pond of their own

I had not intended to do a photo blog today but Facebooboo does not want to load photos and I had just taken a wonderful number in two days time. Had to share them somewhere.

Oriental water feature

Just click on the images to see them larger.

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  1. WOW. They are Wonderful, Jacqui! Such clarity and smoothness. Beautiful reflections! I am so happy that you have outlived the snow. It was lovely, but even I was getting cabin fever for you!


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