Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What do we know/And when do we know it?

Casting a shadow

There was about this past week a sense of gloom. I can blame it on the weather which was less than inspiring. And there was the second flat tire in as many weeks. Or that as fast as the money comes in it goes out. Or my senior fur kid's diagnosis with liver failure. Or on a far more trivial but more irritating level that the "A" on my key board wants to be iffy.

It was not Mercury in Retrograde. That has passed and a new round of cosmic torture is not scheduled until June. And it couldn't be spring fever because spring here seemed to want to stay hidden behind threats of snow. There just seemed to be something off about the last week to 10 days. And I was not the only one to suffer from this general malaise. When I first heard of cosmic consciousness I almost immediately accepted it probably based on several experiences in my youth. The women of my family always seemed to have an inside track on events. I dreamed of the tornado that killed my paternal grandmother and her husband. I knew while in the grocery store that someone had stolen my bike parked outside. I could not sleep the night before and was depressed all day of the flood in Denver that did not happen until evening. It never rained but was cloudy and local business in the downtown area said sales were down 10 to 15% even with a captive office building clientele.

The list goes on. I think we are all more connected to each other and to the cosmos than we feel comfortable admitting. And maybe ignoring the signs is bad for us. It is still an open question even among those daring to ask it. No I cannot say their will be an earthquake on the Pacific coast of the US on May the 5th. Or that their would be a bombing in Boston yesterday. However, I did not find that news surprising, which is why I always feel sympathy and empathy for the person charged with murder because they did not show surprise when they heard their husband was found dead. Bad or horrific news is seldom a surprise.

And looking back at the week of photos I took and posted I can see my grey mood in literal black and white. Did you sense something on some obscure level? Would you admit it if you did?


  1. "Had we but world enough and time..." Andrew Marvel

    You and I could probably sit for days taking turns telling each other stories from our lives, a sort of contest to see which of us had the most and best evidence supporting your conjectures? growing awareness of what is so? attempts to understand and explain with words what you "know in your heart" is true?

    A few aspects:

    Babies are born with telepathic abilities, but their parents (and other adults) train them to suppress those abilities in their first year of life.

    Warnings (from the future) help us avoid accidents.

    Sometimes in some circumstances we can control the local weather a little.

    Animals we have talked to and learned from. For example, I once danced with two deer on a mountainside in Colorado, which exactly help me develop a deep understanding of something important a week later. For example, one of the wisest "persons" I ever "talked with and learned from" was a dog in California. For example, when I visited Joe Reddington's place in Alaska, one of the dogs in his kennels impressed me greatly. I had a brief conversation in passing with her as I walked by about fifty feet away. Later in Joe's kitchen, I couldn't help mentioning her. Joe knew immediately which dog I spoke of and had a bit to say about his great expectations for her development. Personally, I am more of a cat person (ever since I first read the cat story in Kipling's Just So Stories), but ever since that visit to Joe, I have had a mild regret that I wasn't a musher so that I could buy that dog. And I have always listened to what birds tell me, and have talked to them sometimes.

    And more.

  2. I was very sensitive to "other realities" until I was 12. Having a mother with some of those skills meant not much suppression until boys started noticing me. I was tested in college for my esp and scored quite high as to death or disaster. I think I really took to drinking to suppress these strange conversations in my head.

    But in 2001 I had my CBT and the governing left side gave up and let my right brain run riot. I was surprised when my cognitive trainer even mentioned in a session that people with brain injuries have more psychic events.

    And I get along with dogs and cats more than humans. They make more sense.

  3. Hi Jacqui, I have always been aware of 'other realities' and they are a main part of my life every day. I too prefer animals to human. *Smile!*


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