Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Do You Have a Facebook Page?

I have two in fact. My regular profile and my fan page for Binford-Bell Studio. Or I think I do. Seems this morning Facebook is having a melt down.

There have been an increasing number of glitches of late. Facebook sites improvements they are making as a reason. That and their fantastic growth and most of that among a different age dynamic - the older set. We utilize the popular social platform very differently than the teenage set. First we blog. And we want those blogs to post on Facebook. And they say they can be linked in easily. Yes, it is easy to link a blog in but they don't live up to posting new material every two hours promise.

So now Facebook is trying to head us off at the pass by making its Notes more of a blog platform with fonts even and the ability to underline and bold text. They are a long way behind on that! I would be happy if they would just do well what they were designed to do which is let us interact in real time around the world. This morning FB will not even load.

Last night it started messing up on notifications of comments. My Yahoo e-mail notifications were way ahead of them and easier to access. They shoved Scrabble off into a corner to allow more space for Frontier Village or some such which my friends who play it say won't work. And then they do all these scam "Like" groups and at the same time degrade fan pages from 'Become a Fan' to 'Like' putting a serious page on the same level as spam.

I think I have had just about enough.

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