Wednesday, August 18, 2010

To Sum Up to This Point

A friend I had not chatted with of late asked how I was and I think I dumped. Things are not going well if you can cry through an episode of Psych. So I figured I would take a blog idea from my friend Bev and try a weekly sum up for my own clarity, if nothing else.

1) Vehicles: My van is still in the shop. It was suppose to be done yesterday but mechanic didn't call. And I could just not face a conversation with him at that time. Besides I was having a conversation with my sister over a new issue with her vehicle at the time the repair shop closed. BTW she has her new telephone. Did I mention she dropped and broke her cell?

2) Communication: Obviously not good on several levels. Debbie broke her phone right after the incident of the rattlesnake and ergo her kids in Texas were in a panic because they could not get her. Neither thought of going to Facebook were a picture of the dead one was posted. But her new phone was not delivered as planned and without her cell she could not call Fedex. So she would text me on Yahoo Chat and I would call on my cell which was having issues with bars so I had to run upstairs and then down to the computer. Fedex can be fantastically unhelpful but a bit better than UPS. Think smoke signals. When communication was at last restored with my sister her well water was coming out of the tap black and not very much of it.

Housing authority communications - now there is an oxymoron. My new renter, Jo Lynne, and I have been trying to communicate with the housing authority person in Espanola for over three weeks. I am to the point of admitting failure. Granted government agencies are difficult enough but putting them in Espanola makes them darn near impossible especially with a passive/aggressive individual that per her boss's admission has communication issues. So still no promised fax, check, or forms. She is putting a whole new spin on the oldie but goody: "The check is in the mail." Seven days from less than 100 miles?

Dying friends:  Still dying. No miracles on the horizon. I find myself, however, very surprised by my grief which seems almost endless of late. Suffice it to say dry eye syndrome is not an issue this week.

Painting: Have not finished any paintings since my return from Santa Fe though seven still await me. Yesterday, however, I did sit down and do about a dozen new sketches and tracings for transfer.

Saw/Steps: Yes, the infamous Dewalt compound miter saw is repaired and back in my possession. And I have a new blade for it. This means I could finish the railings on my steps. I bought these great caps for the bottom posts and while not installed yet they are sitting where they belong waiting for me to be inspired.

Grass Mowing: Is definitely in my future but rain and pain have given me excuses to side step it. I thought I heard a puma out in the tall grass this morning.

This probably is TMI for most of you but it did me good to list it out. Some of it either is very funny or I am laughing because to not is to cry.


  1. I think it's good idea to take stock like this. Sometimes just listing things out helps you to get your arms around the whole situation, so to speak.

    It's also good that you are able to be productive at all during such an emotional and disruptive time.

    Here's hoping things begin to resolve soon.

  2. Sorry to hear things have been going badly on several fronts, Jacqui.
    As Becky has said, acknowledging all the things that have gone wrong can exorcise them right out of one's mind and heart.
    I earnestly hope that you can blog in a few days time and list double the number of things going RIGHT for you!

  3. Things are improving if just in my attitude to them. I thank you both for your comments.


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