Friday, August 13, 2010

Pile Up

Ooops, another frog image! But this one just seemed so appropriate. I feel like that bottom frog on the right. Things just seem to be piling up on me. If I were her I would just sink into the water and sneak away and leave the boys to hump themselves.

Okay, that lowered the level. But yesterday I did just slip below the surface and leave the scene, well, mentally at least. I was not entirely successful but I avoided a divisive board meeting, a confrontation with a lately argumentative friend, and used the "sorry, in the middle of a painting" excuse to get out of several telephone conversations that showed every indication of heading to no man's land. And I have plans for the weekend of a clear escape from the valley. Sssshhhhhh, not a word.

I see this escapism tendency as an improvement over my "sit still and take it" attitude demonstrated so well by that little female to the right in the picture. Course now before I started using escape routes I would want to pull out the AK47 and blow them all to smithereens.  Escape is good. Escape is health. Escape is progress. Escape saves frogs in my pond.

One of those phone calls yesterday was from a friend of mine that earns money as a counselor. I hate her counselor mode and she knows it. Unfortunately my grief over the slow demise of my ex-husband gave her a clear opening she could not resist and she began on all those questions I did not know the answer to, nor care about with wet paint on the canvas. I was polite with non-answers or no answers until she hit the questions about how his wife was doing (they know each other and she could certainly call and get it from the horse's mouth).

One of Marc's and my pet phrases was, "Do I look like someone that gives a damn?" I bit my tongue. "Yeow," that hurt. And got quickly off the phone on the excuse of the cats brought a mouse into the studio. It is fall and rodents are looking for avenues to escape winter. Dead at the claws of a cat is a sure route.

Yes, fall. It comes early to the high country. The good news is it is 'shrooming season, and I scored some nice examples of them yesterday. Scrambled eggs with sauteed puff ball is on the menu for breakfast. Cold wild mushroom pizza (left over from dinner) is lunch. The bad news is the todo's that have not been done like finishing the railing on my new back steps. I won't bore you and depress me with the rest of that list.

Below the surface today includes an early 'shrooming trek with fur kids, and then studio time. I have been informed my dark piece is not dark enough. I have some more ideas to sketch out so I have sizes for stretcher bars when I pass the art store on my escape out of the valley (contingent upon the van being fixed today as promised if not there is grand theft auto).


  1. Is it something in the air? Or something in the water?

    I am in procrastination mode and feel a lot like you sound!

    Yesterday when my IT man said something I didn't like I picked up the box that the surge protector came in and aimed. He said 'don't even think it' and proceeded to tell me I was spoiled which did not go down well. He was lucky - forty years ago it would have been a stapler (a boyfriend) or a pewter tankard and another occasion a glass of gin and tonic both of which I threw at my boss!

    I would have asked my counsellor friend if she had the wife's telephone number! I have a similar situation on my hands after the funeral and now after 30 plus years everyone wants to play happy families - not me!

    Take time out. Am going to post a YouTube in a minute on FB especially for you. Natasha just found it and I thought of you hoping it would make you smile!

  2. 這不過是滑一跤,並不是死掉而爬不起來了。..................................................


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