Saturday, October 9, 2010

A day of tasks

We have been blessed and plagued of late with thunder storms building by late morning. When there are booms and flashes the last place you want to be is on top of a ladder even if you know there are things to be done before winter settles in. Today I finally got around to them.

It was beautiful weather for working outside around the studio screwing down siding that had warped because of the weather. And finally putting up the last two strings of rope lights I had bought two years ago for Christmas decoration. They are white lights and so will be great when the studio is open for an event in the evening. Speaking of night events I bought and put up a solar powered motion sensor light at the corner of the studio near the gate. I rather like using the studio entrance personally but the motion sensor lights are by the main entrance to my house.

Speaking of those lights. They are florescent and I hate them. In fact I tried using florescent lights on all the exterior of my studio and house. I gave them an honest try and today I switched all but the two on the front walk out with incandescent. When the weather falls around 40F it takes forever for a florescent to come on bright enough to see by. So as soon as I buy some more incandescent bulbs the ones on the walk way are also getting replaced. I turn lights off so I see no reason to put in bulbs that save me energy if I leave them on. AND make me feel as if I am going blind.

I also got the new flag pole installed so my Open flag for my studio can wave when the studio is open. I spent extra money on a heavy duty flag pole and support to tolerate the winds here.

Today's list of tasks was accomplished in spite of sleeping late and dealing with a plethora of phone calls and requests and two pet sitting gigs. Remaining to be done are the stair rails (and some rope lights to light them), the new solar light for the distant storage shed I never ran electricity to, and the tacking up of some other trim in front of the house and putting steel wool in the Flicker holes in the siding, oh, and hauling away the trash in the front of this picture.  But I do feel as if I have made a good beginning.

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