Monday, October 25, 2010

That Was the Week That Was Six - Or is it five?

Winter at the top and fall below the clouds
This was the week that fall at last succumbed to what can only be described as winter weather. Us New Mexicans (even those in the mountains) are spoiled. We seldom, if ever, go a day without some grace from the sun. But if we saw the sun here for more than a few minutes a day since Thursday we celebrated it. I did get a peek between the clouds of the full moon on Friday. I think it was full. I only saw part.

Wednesday, however, was glorious and I posted a photo blog about that. See below. With the weather being not nice to get out and hike I began a round of frame making forgetting that the damp of the seemingly endless rain (rained 2" at my house on Thursday) would slow down the drying of glue and paint and varnish. Obviously, I had forgotten what life was like in the southeast. Still slow progress has been made.

Yesterday, the winds of winter arrived. I loathe them. They just seem to penetrate all clothing and suck the heat from my house. Hoodies are now inside attire. The woodstove got drafted into full time service this weekend to dry the air and chase the chill. And yesterday I realized I did not have a jacket that kept out the icy wind and so after three years of doing with the old bought a new one on line at Sierra Trading Post. I love them. Got an Oakley winter sports coat for a third of original price. It will probably be here about the time we move into a "sucker hole" in winter.

A sucker hole is when nice weather returns briefly and leads you to believe winter is in the distant future. We have sucker holes in January that lead you to believe winter is over. I just love New Mexico. Don't like the weather? Wait 10 minutes or drive 10 miles. Today, however, I am staying home and inside and keeping the fire going.

Yesterday I went again to the spa with my friend to take the waters. I love aquafit exercises and have shared them with my friend. She, in turn, has inspired me to once again swim laps. I dug out the exercise swim fins and we challenge each other on one lap more. Boy do fins work the legs and gluts. The scale this morning confirmed I have lost six pounds. Four more to go in four weeks to meet my Holiday fair goal. Applause!!!

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