Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall is Over

The "S" word has been sneaking more and more into the weather forecast and as we are nearing the end of October that is to be expected. The local ski areas begin "making" snow at Halloween because then our weather will be such they have a chance of keeping it around. It is supposedly a La Nina year which means dryer and warmer than normal. I think I can live with that, but a lot hangs on the ski slopes for our tourist dollar input.

But the rural electric coop is again raising its rates. It has to buy power from other states because all the power generated in the four corners area from our coal and our rivers goes to light Los Angeles and Las Vegas who seem to waste it. So with higher electric bills in the future warmer is definitely nice. And I have three cords of wood to burn for heat. But snow pack is what makes our forests healthier to avoid fires come summer. And it is how our aquifers are recharged. So I am divided. How about rain at my altitude and snow 200 feet higher?

Don't mean to be picky. And I certainly know if you don't like the weather in New Mexico just wait ten minutes or drive ten miles. And there always is some doubt in any long range forecast because of the mountain effect. Still all the local pundits like to have their predictions. At the ski area when I taught there we used to say, "It isn't snowing until it is snowing." And thus far even with the "S" word in the forecast it has not snowed except at the top of the mountains.

But I think I can predict with a fair amount of accuracy that fall is over. Mind you New Mexico weather has been known to prove even this simple forecast wrong in the past. But the firewood is stored and most (but not all) of the fall tasks completed (history has shown there were be other nice days to do the rest) so let it snow if it must. Chances are it will be here today and gone tomorrow. If it falls at all.

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