Monday, October 18, 2010

TWTWTW Five or TW3-5

It has been a glorious fall and no recap of the previous week should ignore that. I have of course been out and about with my new camera. Did I mention I have a new camera? Trekking the aspen covered hills with the fur kids has been one form of exercise. And a good friend has me back working out at the spa. Thus far just in the pool with aqua fit exercises, but it has made a difference. Amazing how when you expend more energy you have more energy.

That, as they say, is the good news. The bad news is I got water in my ears which seems to have combined with fall allergies to give me a really stuffy head. I feel like I am walking around in a diving bell. But this too shall pass. And I hope soon.

Finally getting around to frame making. Got all the wood glued together into framing strips and sanded. Now to just start cutting the correct lengths and gluing them up in squares and rectangles to be painted and stained and fitted on "naked" pictures hanging about the studio. Just one more step in the process of getting ready for the Rio Grande Holiday Festival in Albuquerque followed in less than a month by the Seven Years and Six Sensational Ladies exhibit at Artspace Gallery on December 17th. I am one of the six.

So it is going to get busy. Hopefully not too busy to exercise but too busy to over eat because I want to be back to my size ten's by Thanksgiving.

Oh, and still no news on the lawsuit. Legally the judge was suppose to render a verdict in July but begged off to August because they were moving the court house. Two weeks ago both lawyers sent a request for a new date to expect the verdict. But still no news. And maybe that is good. Who wants to have to move before Christmas.

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  1. Glorious scenery. Glorious tress. I was just showing them to Natasha an telling her about your new camera. She agreed with me that the scenery is spectacular.

    The Judge is out - no news is good news. No one is moving before or after Christmas and if you can get back into a ten before thanksgiving, I can too! I think an American 10 is a UK 12. But they don't make sizes like they used to anymore.


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