Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Best Memory of 2010

Debbie's Arch
A friend on Facebook asked about best memories of 2010. I guess I have rather been stuck on the worst memories of 2010 so I think Scott for bringing this topic up. I am going to devote some time each day in the remaining week of the year to come up with another nice memory of the year.

First is this arch in Lavender Canyon in South Canyonlands, Utah. We were four wheeling in a restricted/limited access area quite all alone and with no trail guide and no markers as to whether we were going right or wrong. And also no named arches that we knew of. In fact until we began seeing them we were not even aware this narrow canyon had arches. Debbie spotted this one first from the other side. Alan and I thought she was imagining things and it was not until we passed it and could view it from the other side that what we thought was just a depression in the cliff face was clearly and opening.

The day alone in the Lavender canyon was an awesome one with lots more arches discovered and photographed. It was a gift in a year that seemed to only get worse as the days passed. But now I am aware that there are these little gems hiding. BTW this day's download of digital images is largely gone with the destruction of the old desktop but fortunately I had uploaded many of the special ones to my FlickR account. Sometimes you get lucky.

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  1. This is beautiful Jacqui. There are always gems if we fell like looking for them!


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