Monday, December 6, 2010


About now all my faithful readers are asking themselves just how long I can carry on this TW3. I know my Roman numerals up through thousands and no doubt can find the millions and trillions on Wiki if in the Ancient Roman world anyone even wanted to innumerate to that extent. And even in today's world it does seem silly at times. Today I am getting a new desktop computer with one terabyte of memory:
It really seems very silly because I have not used up a fraction of my three year old hard drive memory on the failed computer. I need one of those simplistic little examples my teachers used to come up with - like you could store three complete digital sets of the Encyclopedia Britannia and still have room for your personal photos.

My first computer had 16K and I just purchased a couple of the smaller memory sticks out there - 8GB each. I can supposedly store on just one 3,184photos from an 8 Megapixil camera. Or 501 minutes of MPEG-4 Video. That is like Gone with the Wind and Ben Hur if I could get it in the right format.

But don't worry about TW3MCM. On a more mundane note I got the holiday tree up this week and have been decorating it. I went for a smaller and more sparse tree so it showcased my decorations better and took up less studio room. Currently making more bows and flowers to put on it and give it a more Victorian feel. My mother had a neighbor that was batty about holiday trees and had one in every single room of her house with a theme specific to each tree.  I would put her in the same category as terabytes.

I have only broken on thing this week - a 20 year old Christmas moose but he is fixed. The one featured on this blog is only 19. The laptop as been acting recalcitrant so I did some cleaning up of programs and evidently cleaned up one or two I shouldn't have. Why don't they name these programs clearly? Anyway it would barely booth up my settings so I went back to a restore point. Once the new Charley VI is set up I am going back to baseline on the laptop with the recovery discs I made when it was new.

Well, time to get in the studio and get cranking on the three new pieces I want done by the 16th.

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