Wednesday, January 11, 2017

My Spoiled Cat

Thicke in Attendance
I don't usually write blogs about my pets. Yes, Thicke, is the darling of my Facebook Timeline.  And in the past so have been The Darkness, Wee Willow, and Scrappy.  I have always believed my purr kids were special especially as subjects for my photographs. I am after all a crazy cat lady even if at this point in time that includes just one cat: Bad Boy Alan Thicke.

We have had several days of bad weather which has included extremely high winds and Thicke has been house bound by his own determination. He does not like wind. Suddenly even the array of Amazon Prime boxes has not been enough to keep him amused.

Thicke in a Box
 He has followed me around the house and thrown himself into my activities like putting away the Christmas decorations. The outcome has not always been helpful if photogenic. 

Thicke packing up decorations

Yesterday I was trying to paint in the studio. He loves the studio. In it he has the chair featured in the leading photo, a couple baskets, his own ladder, the director's chair featured below and just about anywhere else he wants to sit. Except on my canvas or drawing.

The Director

He was bored. A bored cat and a wet canvas do not mix well together so I was trying to entertain him so he would get tired and nap and I could paint. I constructed a kitty whip with a bamboo plant stake, a scrap of lacing and a butterfly lure made from a scrap of canvas lying around. It worked quite well for keeping him off my huge project, two 30 x 16 canvases worked as a single painting. But it also kept me away from my project. I was too busy dangling the lure for the prince of the studio.

Finally he laid down on a pile of drawings in a corner of the table and I moved to the paintings almost killing myself on a yellow golf ball he had been batting around the tile floor. I picked it up and put it on the corner table where he laid. Thicke awoke, batted the golf ball over the edging off to the floor. So began his version of fetch. He bats and I fetch. But it allowed me some space to paint. Between bats.

And of course I had to post it as a status message. And so began the tales of other spoiled cats. Even links to blogs about other spoiled cats. It became obvious I was going to have to write at least one blog about my spoiled cat. And this is it. I still maintain, however, he is not spoiled. He is just a cat who interacts with his human, me. That puts him somewhere between dog and cat in the realm of pets. Such a gift should not be discouraged. 

Besides which he is very photogenic.  BTW he did ultimately tire of the game and napped while I painted.


  1. Never too many Thicke pictures! Glad to have provided inspiration.

    1. I do sometimes wonder if I have exceeded the tolerance of my audience. Then Thicke strikes a particularly awesome pose.

  2. Thicke is a true Prince. And, I have a Wee Willow, too! ♥


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