Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Plodding Along

Some days I really don't feel I make a lot of direct progress: Sort of like a crab that walks sideways through the sand, first scuttling one way and then the other. Yesterday was like that. I seemed to be going all which ways and not making my way any further up the shoreline. Spinning wheel days.

But as I was making a shopping list for a previously unplanned trip to Taos this morning I began on the back side to list my accomplishments.
  • I got all the trees and bushes around the house watered
  • I got the Smokey Thyme (only 6 to go) and the purple flowering ground cover planted
  • I have a definite plan for two 14 x 46 inch horizontal paintings (perhaps I should finish the others)
  • Laundry and the last of the suitcase unpacked
  • Tended to pet sitting duties including talking to two new clients
  • Interviewed a possible long term renter of the apartment
  • Looked through Utah pictures for more ideas to paint
  • Made a chicken salad to nibble on the next couple of days
Admittedly I did not make a beginning on all those paintings I have masked off in prep for pouring the skies but I thought about what kind of skies I was going to do for each painting. Does that count? Sometimes you just have to scuttle along sideways toward your goal like that crab. Better than just sitting still and staring up the beach.

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