Monday, May 24, 2010

Re-Entry Issues

I think I am having re-entry issues. First there was the vacation in Utah. Then I returned home to have my friend, Dianne, stay another week to help me finish up the furnishing of the rental unit.  Then she left and I thought I could get back to some semblance of normality and my sister called to inform me her husband, Alan, had just died. Below is a typical image of him on the vacation.

I have lots of images with him and my sister. I find them every time I go through looking for a particular picture I want to use as a basis for a painting. Like this one.

Or this one.

And yesterday after I returned from the memorial service I had all the telephone calls to make to those who asked to be notified how it went. And then this morning I got the calls from the people that somehow had not heard but were wondering if I had returned from my vacation yet.

I had asked my neighbors to watch the fur kids and water some plants on Saturday. It did not look when I had returned that either had been done. I gave them my set of house keys because I was not sure the set they had was from before or after I had changed the locks because of the contractor from hell. I called to get them back yesterday afternoon and only got their message machine. Neither ever returns a call so I bopped over this morning to get the keys. (I had only the key to the studio door and needed to unload something through the front door.)

Steve has been making a career out of dying - not unlike Sanford on Sanford and Son. The only difference being that he has been diagnosed with a fatal cancer. His wife, not to be outdone, has decided to enter the medical mystery arena with a D & C scheduled for next week. This would mean they have to put off Steve's lens replacement surgery (new eyes for the dying). I wanted to get my keys and run a quick errand and get home but upon being let into their home (they had to hunt for the keys) I was assailed with all the latest medical information and how they were too sick the last three days to do more than open a can of food for my pets.

To cap this off both dogs of theirs had gotten a porcupine or it had gotten them and before the emergency ward because her bleeding was worst there was the vet.

I wanted my keys. I did not have time for the stories and besides they just seemed to be having too much fun dying. After the shock of my brother-in-law expiring in the shower I just did not see death as funny or enjoyable. What do you say at moments like this? "My keys. I want my keys."

Please, Lord, make my life about living and not dying.

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