Friday, May 14, 2010

Settling In

Why is it I always forget the amount of time after a vacation that it takes to settle back in. I have been home since Tuesday and am not completely unpacked. My friend who was house and fur kid sitting is still here. She goes back on Sunday. Meanwhile she is helping me spruce up the apartment. It will be a vacation rental this summer and fall.

I was at the local thrift store yesterday and got some lovely lamps that just match the bedding on the queen bed. And some great decorator pillows too. Still looking for the table and chairs. Taos trip tomorrow for that and a couple Wal-Mart items. Today I decided to reward myself for my hard work by working on two unfinished paintings in the studio. Taos means art store and I want to figure out what size of stretcher bars and panels to buy to record my new Colorado Plateau impressions. Thinking of actually painting some cactus flowers.

Speaking of paintings, I took some of those I do not lug to shows these days and used them to decorate the apartment. Always for sale of course. It gives me more room to hang the new paintings once they are framed. I have eight to frame for the June 19-20 Red River Fine Arts and Wine Festival. Would like to have a few more to add to that number because there is just a month between it and Artsfest in July.

Speaking of framing; I traded a painting of mine for one of Katherine McDermott's watercolors on canvas. She has recently changed medium and I wanted to be sure to get one of her watercolors before they were gone. Anyway that also needs framed, and will soon be hung in my bedroom. Currently in the living room taking advantage of one of the hangers vacated by work moved to the apartment.

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