Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Stolen Day

There is an arch in the ridgeline, just left of center, in this picture. It was one of those surprise treasures discovered when focusing entirely on something else. We had been looking for arches in the main Lavender Canyon but in the West branch I had begun aiming at recording just the colors and formations of the walls. It was so narrow and the walls so tall. I loved the pinks and yellows and the lavenders and the rolling shapes.

I have taken those colors into my appointing out of the apartment. Now the goal is to take the forms and sights into my paintings. But rather like looking for arches it is difficult to look for creativity. I have done all the "tasks" connected with painting. I have the canvases stretched and the sizes of them marked out on my sketch pad. I have gone through those pictures among the thousands that stand out in my mind and printed them out in 5 x7's to inspire my sketching.

Now it is time to center myself and find the arch when looking for something else. Time to breathe. Time to see the forms within the forms. The goddesses hiding in the walls. The forms within the splash of color boldly displayed by a cactus on the desert floor. That takes a stolen day.

I have but one task to complete this day and it is early. Then it is home and into the studio to commune with my muse. I don't even plan to wash the dishes. I am boiling eggs for breakfast and two extra to go on my spinach salad for lunch. A repast quick and easy that does not interrupt my thoughts. I will not answer either phone. You did not see me here.

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  1. Oh but I did see you and I'm glad I did!
    This is a magnificent photo and I can see you're trully insoired girl friend. Good for you.


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