Saturday, May 15, 2010

Settling Down

The frenzy of getting ready for a road trip and then the frenzy of this particular tip followed by getting home and hitting the ground running, as it were, has been exhausting. But there has been something calming about returning to some sense of normal routine. But after the time away they do seem a bit strange.

But isn't that rather what vacations are all about: to open our perspective and stretch the envelope just a bit. A friend of mine mentioned the Zen in the photographs I have been posting after my Canyonlands adventure. And in culling through them and uploading to FlickR and posting to my blogs and Facebook I began to slow down just enough to see that aspect. I would have loved to have set on the bank of Lavender Creek and just sketched and meditated.

Or contemplated for hours the reasons for the folds and crevices and hallows in this rock face. But during vacations we are trying to cram so very much in to so very few days. It has only been upon returning home that I have been able to look at the scenes in pixels and just be the rock.

Or the water washed from a stream by my crossing. Water that will soon soak into the sandy soil.

Or the delicate bloom of the cactus flower that is able to do so just because of the precious water it gets in this arid land.

I have come back from this journey in stages and I don't know that I am all here yet but I am settling down so I can see what it is I thought I saw. And those things I have missed until now.

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