Saturday, March 26, 2011

End of the Line?

Bridge to Nowhere?
Facebook has been full of glitches and viruses for several weeks. Today it took our rather successful and quite fun little photographic group, Picture Picks, and reduced the members from 131 to 12. It won't let us communicate with any of the 131 to let them know what is going on. Since we have a new event running we opened it for ease in posting whether Facebook thinks you are a member or not.

It has gotten me wondering why I am a member of Facebook. Seems the last couple weeks friends have left or been bounced off because of viruses and malware. Facebook continues to not vet any of its applications and oddly people seem to continue to play them and spread the disease.

And lately posts seem to be all about "repost this if you agree." I hated chain letters as a child, hated chain e-mails as an adult, and loath this repost thing that is going on. So the question is to stay or not stay. If FB would allow it I would keep my fanpage and delete my profile. FB is not even wanting to consistently post my linked blogs. But then why bother with that? Per the stats on Blogger nobody visits this one anyway. But then it was all about being a journal and it is still that.

Does Facebook realize with its glitches it is killing off a good thing? Yahoo didn't.


  1. They probably feel it's like the banks - too big to fail.

  2. I guess that explains why I have be not always getting invites to weekly photos contest.

    I have never been impressed with FB and never played any of the games or use any of the apps


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