Sunday, March 6, 2011

TW3 - Spring?

It is early days in March and spring in the mountains is a fickle thing - here today and gone tomorrow but there are certain warning signs like the urge to sweep out the cave. I seem to be caught up in decluttering my spaces and putting some level of organization into my life. Being an artist with a very creative mind I cannot guarantee just how long this mood will last. But I am hoping until at least gardening season.

The Aspens are blooming. No photo. They are not pretty during this spring trend of theirs. They just make your eyes water, throat scratchy and nose runny if you are allergic to them which I am. Spring winds seem to cooperate with the spreading of their pollen. No haven is safe from them.

And it is Spring break - the last hurrah of winter tourist season. So while I have this desire to leave my cave all the strange people in town make me want to rush back into it very quickly. Some locals escape entirely which means I am busy with my pet sitting business at the moment. That is good for my economy as this is the month that fair fees have to be paid.

And new art work has to be planned for the up coming fair season. I have a triptych and three other works in the planning stage currently. Stretching canvas today and transferring sketches to the surfaces and then decluttering the studio before beginning any serious painting.

I am currently fighting off the desire to repot plants, clip and groom the dogs, and wash the jute rugs. The weather can turn so bad so fast in March. I don't need frozen rugs hanging over the fence or freezing dogs under foot, but a glance at the next ten days shows the temps climbing into the 50's F. Sunbathing anyone?

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