Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Who thinks up these things?

The smoke alarm in the studio (that is the white dot at the top) decided it needed a new battery today. It is per building codes within a foot of my peaked ceiling at 14 and a half feet. I have a great, but very heavy, ladder that will reach that distance and when painting the studio used it in its teepee form to get the upper reaches of the walls. But since finishing the studio I have moved in studio cabinets and made it a great deal more difficult to get to the offending alarm.

Don't you utterly hate that sound they make? My fur kids hated it even more and acted rather more than me and in fact acted as if there was a major thunderstorm going on. They clung to my feet while panting while I tried to figure out an attack that would work. The ladder does extend straight and would reach but it is very heavy and with my luck of late I saw broken lights or broken legs. So I went to get my neighbor to at least spot the ladder.

Us two old ladies managed to lift it into position but I am glad there was not a video camera around because it might have looked like a scene between Lucy and Ethel on I love Lucy. The battery got replaced. and quiet once again reigned among the fur kids. My question is why they cannot make smoke alarms with rechargeable batteries. This one is hard wired and so the electricity is there to do that.

I know why they must be placed high because that is where the smoke goes first. But here in the mountains people have great rooms that reach 20 and 30 feet at their peaks. There just seems like there has to be a better way. This battery lasted 3 years. I figure if I am still around when it needs replaced I might just shoot it.

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  1. At least it went off during the day! Mine always seem to go off at 2am. thank goodness our's aren't that high...


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