Monday, March 21, 2011

TW3 - Hold on you're in for a bumpy ride

I used to adore roller coasters. I was not that overly fond of amusement parks in general and spurned totally certain rides that I found not fun in the least, but I adored roller coasters. And one day with my sister rode the Orient Express over ten times. But I like my life more like its a Small, Small World at Disneyland. Okay, maybe not that calm. At the moment, however, a few rounds of safe and predictable would be quite nice.

I can generally see how unsettled my life is by my choices in entertainment. This week I have been re-watching A Touch of Frost and Cagney and Lacey via Netflix streaming video. I am re-reading a James Lee Burke book Pegasus Descending and playing Bejeweled Twist more than I generally allow. It has been a bumpy ride lately with the washed cell phone, the toothache and extraction, waiting for yea or nay from several shows applied for, and the ups and downs of spring weather to just mention a few things. The toothache had definitely disturbed my sleep and I found myself frequently waking up with feelings if impending doom.

Tooth at last gone I am sleeping better but find myself wanting to ride the merry-go-round for several hours instead of facing what life might hold: is there another tooth with a cavity ready to go ballistic, will the gaping hole from the now gone tooth heal correctly, will I be refused from the shows I really want, etc. I am known for long lists of this nature. Mother gave me the curse of headlines. Never once did I go against her recommendations without imagining the worst: Coed locked in Juarez Jail/ Mother insists she believed her daughter to be safe in the dorm. Or Protester arrested for Bombing Capital Building/Mother insists her daughter was always such a good girl.

All that said it is the first day of spring. Let us enjoy life and acknowledge that somehow or other it always works out if you don't live and an earthquake, tsunami or hurricane area. Or next to a nuclear power plant.

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  1. Wise words. It is Today, and spring, and in a weird way we owe it to the ones who do live near a nuclear plant etc to enjoy it. But we can't do that with a hurting toot. Being human and all that.
    I'm sure you'll be painting your heart out soon enough, and the world will be richer for having more of your work in it.


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