Friday, March 4, 2011

March! And the Mad March Hare.

No, not a new amusement ride. This photo was taken after an earthquake in New Zealand in September. Sidetracked Charley has often featured photos of rails and bridges and trains. This one seemed very appropriate to have in by blog images file. I downloaded and forgot about it until today when I was searching for an image for my blog on March, the month. The lion and the lamb (in like one and out like the other) has been done.

There is something always so unsettling about March. You are thrilled it is no longer February which can be so depressing but March can be so unpredictable. It isn't quite spring but it is also no longer winter. And I get lured into believing the outdoors is going to be wonderful but then retreat inside because of the wind. Supposedly the wind creates positive ions which have a negative effect on mind and body. Yesterday I began looking for my proportion wheel so I could change sizes on some drawings and know what size stretcher bars I would need. I wanted to sketch. I ended up only looking for that darn 4" wide white plastic wheel.

In the process of searching the usual places I began throwing away paper from my in and out boxes (found a program from an art fair in 2008 and an application for a show from 2007. That sparked a flurry of spring decluttering focusing on the studio and my computer desk. There is now a huge black sack of passe paper in the middle of the living room. So the negative energy of positive ions can have a positive effect? I didn't find that darn wheel. But I found my favorite eraser. It is a vinyl free purple oval disk that does not make eraser dust. And the directions for making backup recovery disks for my new desktop computer. But I digress. What prompted this blog was March and March weather and my March mood. Why am I constantly reminded of the March Hare in Alice and Wonderland?

Today's weather will be typical March in my humble opinion. It will be rain and snow. But Beetlejuice shines in a clear predawn sky so obviously all this happens later today. Beginning tomorrow I have pet sitting gigs and restrictions on my free time to roam so I am going over the mountain today to get stretcher bars ergo that frantic search for the proportion wheel yesterday.

Speaking of unsettled has anyone noticed gas prices? They jumped 27 cents a gallon here in the valley while oil barrel prices remained relatively unchanged. Back to thinking about that March Hare in Alice. What is a March Hare? Besides the character in Alice. A March hare is a hare during its breeding season in March, noted for its wild and excitable behaviour. I rest my case.

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  1. It sure is an irritating month! Ideally it is break-up, the season between. We have so much snow that this year break-up will probably last well into April. Mars in Pisces is not helping. I am meeting many people right now who are feeling tired and dragged out. It could just be lack of vit. D of course.


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