Friday, October 4, 2013

Do not argue for your limitations

I have reached 68 a few months back. It was a major milestone for me not because of any physical issues but because both my parents had died at 67. Them and what seemed an inordinate number of my relatives. Only two seemed to live past 67 and they went into their 80's but one forgets that in the year of your parents' death.

So happily into 68 I find myself feeling invincible except when around a friend of mine that seems preoccupied with dying soon. Now reason why she will. Probably won't. But she is always saying she is old and she is a year younger than I am. I pass it over because she is recently widowed and her late husband wanted most that she die with him. Yesterday the topic was retirement homes in Florida. She obviously has done some research. "We're getting old. We need to be looked after." This said as we were putting up snow fence.

"I'd be dead in six months if I did that," I told her when she proposed I join her in this. Florida is a toxic state, the average altitude is 13 feet above high tide surge, it is the most corrupt state in the US currently, and Republican. But worst of all there would be nothing to do but sit in an air conditioned sterile apartment. Note: the two relatives that lived into their 80's were very active people. I truly believe it was Uncle Ray's mowing of lawns with a push mower that saved him. I want to die riding my mower around my 2.3 acres. Or shoveling snow. I can no longer live hard and die young but I want to live hard and die fast.

When I taught Adaptive Skiing our motto was, "Argue for your limitations and they are yours." It saved my life after my head injury and saves my life style now. But I realized this morning as I was beginning this blog that I argue for my financial limitations all too readily.

I was on the verge of buying a new camera because I feared the old one was getting rather tired. And the moment I got the notice to break the lease from my tenant I cancelled the order. But the old camera is still failing. I need a camera for my business. AND I need a camera for my exercise. Photography is a sport and it gets me out of the house and on long walks through the countryside and over hill and dale. I do not know if I can get it off on ACA as a wellness program but I should be able to. My camera is to me what Uncle Ray's lawn mower was to him.

Live a limitless life! And live it fully.

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  1. YEAH! I bet you could hear the mental cheer all the way in New Mexico. I have some writing of my own to do on age. Right now, at 70, I feel younger than I did at 68. 69 did not count, it was time out of time. There is a fine line between being real and arguing for one's limitations. I have seen too much New Age "The Secret" BS in my MLM days, about which I will blog one of these days.


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