Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ten days and counting

Last Year's Harlequin Coat 

There is to be another ball at Willow Manor. The invite sent me to my virtual closet to look at last year's treasures. Johnny Depp was my date but sadly just a lend/lease for the night. I have thrown caution to the winds this year and extended two invites. Wouldn't it be grand if they both came?

Of all my fabulous attire last year this Harlequin Coat was my absolute favorite and it will definitely serve as my traveling coat this year too. I am considering shunning the tight fitting ball gowns. I want something I can slide down the banister in, or like my friend, Barbara Lake last year, swing from the chandelier with abandon. If I get my wished for dates I will have to be ready for anything including midnight rides on half wild horses.

I love this Harlequin get up. Looks to be very comfortable and free. Would like it with pantaloons and pirate boots like these.

And  instead of a full mask I have considered exotic make up.

Or just the great little Venetian half mask like the one below.

So many decisions and just ten days to go. Virtual shopping is so much fun. No bills.


  1. That coat was and still is stunning. ADORE the boots. You are going to be fantastic. What fun! Can`t wait!


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