Saturday, October 19, 2013

Tomorrow? Must pack

Omg! The 6th Annual Willow Manor Ball is tomorrow and I haven't packed a thing. Hitching a ride on a Leer jet with some film folks in route to Toronto from Monument valley. What, after all, is an extra passenger on a Leer. But do need to pack light. And fortunately I spend a fortune on just the right luggage last year so got it out of the upstairs closet. The hat box for of course the red hat. And those wonderful ruffs on the harlequin costume. Would not want them to be crushed.

Wearing a simple black traveling suit and of course the cape and derby from last year. No extravagant gown to go into my fold over bag this year but I got a lovely old fashioned morning dress for brunch. It will look great with the cape for the Ohio chill.

And I have been busy rearranging my Epiphany camera bag to make room for the new camera. Looking forward to taking pictures of the party this year. I think I said that last year and got overly involved in chasing down my date who was overly involved in Bee's Trinidad Rum that she has again set ahead.

Well, off to pack. Must not forget a single thing.

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