Saturday, October 19, 2013


Hammered Silver Necklace

My friend pointed out I had forgotten shoes to wear with the morning dress and I suddenly realized I had forgotten a lot of accessories. The above necklace will go with the morning dress and also with the travel suit and blouse I chose below.

Went for a burgundy silk blouse instead

The ballet slippers will be a nice relief for the high heeled boots I am wearing with the harlequin costume too. When you are dancing all night it is good to have alternatives.

Taking off the elastic and putting on black satin ribbon

And decided to throw in last year's travel shoes because they had a lower heel then those recommended by Bee. These will go very nicely with the black satin lapel suit.

I think one of the reasons I forgot accessories is the harlequin outfit I am wearing does not lend itself to jewelry because of all the ruffs. But I found these gold cuff bracelets for some added bling. They go with the gold trim on the ruffs and accents on my dress boots.

Was about to quit shopping when I found this antique charm bracelet to accent my travel suit. I can also wear it with my morning dress.

Okay, I think I have got it now. Need to make sure I have everything I need in the camera bag.

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