Monday, October 7, 2013

The Creative Life

Ocate Fix-it-Upper by J. Binford-Bell

You might be an artist 
you have a set of twelve dishes
for a large dinner party
so you can go twelve days with out washing them.

J. Binford-Bell

Or making the bed comes second to stretching a canvas or you take the money for next months mortgage and buy a new 24.5 mega pixel camera. And a beautiful fall day is not for doing outside chores but grabbing your camera and hitting the road to find great photo opportunities.

Artists, or any creative people, just see the world from an entirely different perspective and set of priorities. That became really clear to me last week as I spent some plastic money for a new camera on the same day my tenant notified me he was breaking his lease. My immediate reaction to not having rent money past November if it does not get rented was, "Will just have to spend more time in the studio painting. Doesn't cost me much."

At such times I am more excited about the transition from film to digital photography than seems possible. I can take pictures and it will not cost me a cent until I have to print them up because the image sold. And because I have the new camera I will get out in all sorts of weather to take pictures so I do not need to spend time or money on gym membership. Just strap on the snowshoes and call the dogs.

On a more practical note I am very pleased with myself for building my studio with all its passive solar design. So far this fall I have not had to turn on the heat. Just one fire in the woodstove this week. And I am not freezing. Just thankful for all the afghans I have crocheted as lap robes, and shawls for sitting at the computer early mornings. And the fingerless gloves so I can still paint or snap a photo or type a blog even in the coldest morning before sun warms the studio.

I would love it if a single artist moved in to my rental. Might even lower the rent. Especially if they are great at coffee chatter about art. I do not knock on the tenant's door to borrow a cup of sugar but I might well knock if I have run out of brush cleaner or mat board. How sweet that would be.

Going to advertise and think positive about the new tenant. But probably not for too long. It is fall and the colors while not outstanding this year are still a draw. 

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  1. I hope you rent your duplex! I live in a sandy flat area of Texas and have been there for most of my life! I still have a few years before I can retire. I often dream of living in New Mexico and painting to my heart's content. It is too bad your opening does not match my timeframe. However, I will look up up in the future! I can still dream about someday living in New Mexico!


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