Monday, October 21, 2013

Photography is a sport

Along the Rio Grande

The aspens because of the drought have not been colorful this year like last. So in a last ditch effort to capture some gold in them thar hills my photography buddy and I set off for the river edges in the area. First was Embudo canyon along the Rio Grande and then on to the Rio Chama near Abiquiu.  We got lucky but not without getting out of the car and hiking remote paths to get unique perspectives.

Unfortunately after about two hours of doing that and taking some 80 pictures my card in the camera failed. So I cannot show you those pictures. They are forever the "fish that got away" sort of thing. And they included to fly fishermen on the Rio Grande. A fly fisherman told me once that it was not the gentle and passive sport it appears to be. Wading through rushing water and standing on slippery river rocks and casting in an exact rhythm does involve lots of fine tuned muscle movements and balance. So does photography.

Reflections in the Rio Grande

Hold camera above head and fight through the bushes to stand on the edge of the water and then lean out to avoid putting the dead tree off to the left in the frame. Standing on one foot frame shot and take picture. The picture blow required one foot on a rock and one on the shore.

You definitely do not want to capture the same image as the person in the high heels with the iPhone. But then she would never kneel down to capture a small cottonwood sapling.

New beginnings

Or lie down to get the reflections on the river through the dried grasses on its edge.

My photography friend is part mountain goat I think. BTW we didn't see any of those this trip.

Jessica on rock

The picture blow was relatively easy because I took it leaning out of the car window. But we wanted to get to the river beyond those trees and that took some off-roading and then waling along winding along a trail to get to the river's edge. Let me mention fly fishermen again because it is them that break the trails for us photographers.

Peaceful meadow
There is a path in there somewhere. And not for the faint of heart. You have to be after the good fishing spot or the perfect photo that the women in the heels with her iphone could not get.

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