Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Five more days

Walt Longmire played by Australian Robert Taylor

It was clearly going to be difficult to beat my date for last year, Johnny Depp, who came in his Captain Jack Sparrow get up. And my favorites to invite this year are very popular in my set so I invited both. And both are coming.

Henry Standing Bear/Lou Diamond Phillips

Hey, I am not possessive. I am more than willing to share. But what a hoot walking into Willow Manor with one on each arm. Trying to talk Standing Bear into Cheyenne garb. Then it occurred to me that I might want to cowgirl up my harlequin costume a bit and figured I might be able to do that with a really flamboyant red hat. I, of course have two red hats. And a burgundy wide brimmed buccaneer hat, but since I am wearing the same coat why not blow it on a hat. Rather like this one.

Or the one below with more big ostrich plumes, but it is a bit late in the fall for straw. Can always doll up my leather red hat.

Ruffles that match the harlequin ruff would be perfect. I think. Now has black and clear Austrian Crystals as a hat on it. Then there is this painting of an equestrian Harlequin. My burgundy hat has the same shape. Could just change the plumes to match the harlequin costume I have chosen. The burgundy goes better with the cape.

Equestrian Harlequin

Obviously horses are going to be involved in the weekend.


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