Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Canyonlands Dreaming

My sister and I are again planning another trip to the promised land. A pilgrimage to the holy shrines of Canyonlands in Utah. We are taking her husband along for this return Thelma and Louise Roadtrip. There were a couple muttered threats of divorce if we didn't. Our first trip was in 2004 and I have been painting pictures from the photographs I took since then. It is past time for a creative and spiritual renewal.

The whole lawsuit was getting in the way of my joy about this adventure. With all the postponements and revised docket schedules I had fears that a major court appearance would fall smack in the middle of the two weeks we had scheduled. The good news to come out of Monday's court date was that nothing requires me until to alter plans before August. So Moab and my two summer fairs are safe. As are the garden plans.

My friend, Dianne, is coming up to house sit and take care of mine and my sister's fur kids and water the plants. We leave May 2nd. So lots to do before that date. Like finish two commissions, tidy up all flat surfaces, make lists and camping and hiking things, pack. And of course dream of arches and goddesses I have yet to see.


  1. Good news Jacqui, that you can go ahead with your plans and put the ordeal on the back bench til August. Geez, sounds like its still ongoing, on his behalf and the court system over there I assume.

  2. 累了嗎?來杯咖啡休息一下吧! ........................................


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